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Audit of the CPSC’s Implementation of FMFIA for FYs 2018 and 2019

Open Recommendations

Provide guidance identifying programs and/or activities as a part of its internal guidance and in accordance with achieving its mission requirements.

Align programs and/or activities with applicable reporting requirements.

Report programs and/or activities in accordance with applicable Federal criteria.

Provide training to CPSC program managers on how to develop and implement a formal internal controls program in accordance with Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government, OMB Circular A-123, and CPSC policies and procedures.

Develop a formal internal controls program over operations for CPSC programs.

Evaluate staffing needs within the Office of Financial Management, Planning and Evaluation to support internal controls and FMFIA reporting requirements.

Establish formal lines of communication between the Office of Financial Management, Planning and Evaluation and CPSC program management for the purpose of assessing and monitoring internal control programs and compliance with FMFIA requirements.